I walked across the plains...

Whilst I lay there I heard your heart crying

it came quietly in the early hours


so i stood up and walked across the plains

whilst I walked I listened to your song.


It stirred my hands so I made this for you.

What would you like it to be?

A key

A door

A sweet elixir.


I’m now here with your gift.

Did you get what you wanted?

I hope so.


'I Walked Across' by Andy Monks / Artist

'The Grip' by Andy Monks / Artist

The Grip

sometimes it's loose or not there at all

I wish that was all the time.

Commonly, I feel tight.

Like someone's got a grip on my heart and is squeezing hard,

It hurts, I hate it.

The grip is trying to tell me doom comes.

I believe it sometimes.

Terrified, i want to run away, to hide from it.

Mostly I want someone to tell me it will be ok and hold me.

'The Grip' by Andy Monks / Artist

'Jellyfish Dreams' by Andy Monks / Artist

Jellyfish dreams.

Do jellyfish dream of midnight gods with iridescent omnipotence?'Jellyfish Dreams' by Andy Monks / Artist

I saw one climb out of the ocean onto the sea stack.

A monument of unknown origin the only feature.

The jellyfish seemed to stand in front and glow for some time before quietly slipping back into the sea.

Voids, Space and whatever you call it...

This space is in front of me

It's more like a void

Sadness compels me

Rational thought steals the beautiful moment.

There's no void with human emotion in it..... Thanks

The Bankruptcy of Testing

Hello I'm testing..... it makes me question my identity.

Testing and questioning appears to be no way to live, yet I find myself doing it.

I might give accepting and answering a go.