I walked across the plains...

Whilst I lay there I heard your heart crying

it came quietly in the early hours


so i stood up and walked across the plains

whilst I walked I listened to your song.


It stirred my hands so I made this for you.

What would you like it to be?

A key

A door

A sweet elixir.


I’m now here with your gift.

Did you get what you wanted?

I hope so.


'I Walked Across' by Andy Monks / Artist

'The Grip' by Andy Monks / Artist

The Grip

sometimes it's loose or not there at all

I wish that was all the time.

Commonly, I feel tight.

Like someone's got a grip on my heart and is squeezing hard,

It hurts, I hate it.

The grip is trying to tell me doom comes.

I believe it sometimes.

Terrified, i want to run away, to hide from it.

Mostly I want someone to tell me it will be ok and hold me.

'The Grip' by Andy Monks / Artist